This accomplishment today, you must Nike Air Griffey Max  1 Black have Air Max Zero had a lot of, so tell us about your first goal and the first competition scene it?I still remember the scene when the train started to Tottenham, when I was 11 years old, was particularly excited, for me, is the effectiveness of the Spurs is a dream come true for me, can early love of football club Kid's Nike Air Huarache Shoes is a special thing.What time really began to realize that they have the ability, the talent and the potential to become a professional player?I've always dreamed of becoming a professional  player, but I think in 13 or 14  years old, my performance in our team is good, this gave me a lot of Kid's Nike Air Huarache Shoes confidence, so I began to grow up. My body started to grow, more and more confident, and hope one day to be able to participate on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur Premier League.No, I thought. I always had a very strong self-motivation and self-confidence, I always believe that their abilities, but if I can persevere, take the time to train and go all out, be able to secure for themselves the best chance, so I heart never doubted, but continue to forge ahead, for  everyone to be a good example.RUTHERFORD: Now many young people want to become a professional player, you have these young players put forward any suggestions?Actually, the most important thing is to train hard. I know our coaches are now in China, they are to provide opportunities for Chinese children trained, I hope Chinese children were able to seize this opportunity, just as I was. I think they must strive to ensure learn and earn, to become a better player and make unremitting efforts.Do not smoke do not drink, handsome and personable young Kane after a hit, it was the media that the "English football the last perfect Idol," but he does not endorse this view, "I only from small to large letter word, "Kane said firmly," a good training to succeed. " He was not a genius superior talent, but left him down to earth with a bright future.